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The Transportation Law Discussion List is a great way to find out answers to transportation law questions or to share ideas with other transportation law attorneys. It doesn't cost anything to join the list and you don't need any special software; it works via your e-mail.

When you are a member of the Transportation Law Discussion List, when you or another member of the list sends a question to the list, the question will be sent, via e-mail, to all members of the list. It's a quick way to access the knowledge of many attorneys at the same time.

Simply click on the link below and it will walk you through what you need to do to join the list. It takes less than 1 minute to join.

Click here if you would like to join the list. Note that the list may be referred to as "questions" in your registration confirmation e-mail and other list documents.

Click here if you would like to post a message to the list (you must be a member to post a message to the list).

Click here to edit your membership information.
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